6 Advantages of using a HR Agency.
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6 Advantages of using a HR Agency.

Hiring an in-house HR department can have its challenges!  There’s the budget to find and how do you get the right compliment of resource? Go too senior and it’s all strategy without day-to-day delivery – go too junior and your HR admin will be pristine but your business plan will lack people focus.

That’s why many businesses opt to use an HR agency to deliver their people and culture needs.  At The Headspace Bureau we offer full-service HR which takes away these headaches. Here are a few of the benefits:-

1. Get the right blend of resource.

Need a people strategy?  We’ve got you.  Have a restructure coming up?  Let us project manage and deliver it.  From senior HR delivery through to ongoing advice, HR system migrations and fine tuning your policies and procedures, we offer a range of services to cater for all your HR needs.

2. More cost-effective

Forget ongoing salaries for an in-house team, we offer a range of flexible retainers or pay-as-you-go options to suit your budget and keep costs aligned to your requirements.

3. Partnership approach

We’ll treat your people issues as though they were our own, offering commercial, pragmatic and sensitive advice to help you navigate even the trickiest of people issues.

4. No management drain

You’ll instantly hire a team of skilled professionals to carry out your HR services. No complex hiring process or training required, we’ve got that covered.

5. Improved employee relations

Investing in HR shows your team you care.  We work with you to ensure you have the right employee channels to tackle issues, drive performance and enhance engagement across your organisation.

6. We do the heavy lifting

Everyone at The Headspace Bureau is fiercely passionate about what great HR can deliver for a business.  We monitor trends, legislation updates and innovative working practices so that we can provide you with recommendations that will enable your business and people to thrive.

Using an HR agency will help to forge consistent people practice across your business and you’ll benefit from a wealth of expertise without the need to fund a full time department.