The Importance Of Compassion In The Workplace.
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The Importance Of Compassion In The Workplace.

Compassion, empathy and curiosity are three of the main responses to difficult situations that we believe you should always lead with. 


Here at The Headspace Bureau we believe in the following values…


  • Treat people like people 

Often in HR people get really caught up in the bureaucracy of business, but behind every decision is a person or a set of people. So we always say… stand back, think about how people might respond, think about what they need right now and how can we balance that with what the business is looking to achieve. It’s really about getting back to basics. Yes we’ve got a job to do, yes there’ll be some red tape to get through but every action causes a response. Ask yourself, how might they feel about this decision? 


  • Say it how it is 

Sometimes we have to give difficult or sensitive messages when we are working with people. We’ll work with clients to help them deliver those messages in a candid way underpinned with empathy and compassion. We don’t shy away from dealing with the hard truths even when it’s not the easiest option. If we can combine care, compassion and candidness, we’re best foot forward to deliver an honest message which resonates and drives the response we need.


Sometimes it can be very easy to forget that you’re working in a place with a range of different perspectives. You may be surrounded by people from different cultural backgrounds, contrasting views on how to get the job done and what the most effective and efficient way is to resolve an issue. It’s completely normal to have disagreements in the workplace, but how we deal with this and move forward is where the power truly lies. 


We’re only human, there are lots of stresses and worries in our lives and it would be completely unrealistic to expect people’s personal issues to be kept separate from their day job. Afterall, the average person spends a ⅓ of their life working. We lead with empathy when someone sends an abrupt email or dismisses something we said in a meeting and try to see things from their perspective. Does this person usually act like this? What could have caused them to behave like this? What support could I offer?


If we can learn to treat the small bumps in the road with compassion, empathy and curiosity when the big things happen at work, we have a much better chance of riding the storm together.  We see these traits as superpowers in your business.  A team that demonstrates authentic care for each other will perform better, contribute to a positive working culture and enable your business to grow.