Maintaining Positive Employee Relationships.
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Maintaining Positive Employee Relationships.

Having a good relationship with your employees is essential for any business. Ensuring your employees are happy and engaged means they will be more enthusiastic about their work and give far more discretionary effort. Here are a few steps you should take, to improve your relationships with your employees.

  • Provide constructive feedback

Providing positive feedback will motivate your employees and make them feel good about their work but constructive criticism will help them to progress.  Focus on what they could do to improve and offer specific actions and tangible advice, to help people up their game.

  • Recognise achievements and hard work

Noticing peoples’ hard work will show them that it paid off. Give specific praise about an individual’s contribution, to demonstrate their value to you and the team.  Encourage peer feedback and acknowledge a job well done.

  • Improve communication

Good communication with your team isn’t a ‘nice to have’, it’s a must! Host regular team meetings and one to ones using them as an opportunity to share company news and client updates.  Ensure your team have a range of channels to voice any concerns and use one on one time to get to know your people as individuals.   Most importantly, keep the flow of communication active when the business faces challenges.  Transparency enables your team to be active part of the solutions and stops rumours from impacting morale and retention.

  • Offer opportunities to develop skills

Providing your team with the chance to develop their skills (even if their next role takes them out of the business) means you’ll keep them motivated and delivering.  Talk openly about their career aspirations and map development opportunities to allow them to enable them to realise their goals.

  • Nurture a positive working culture

Creating a happy working environment is key to getting the best out of your team and enabling them to thrive.  Recruit people aligned to your company values and hold everyone accountable for contributing to an open, friendly and positive working culture.

  • Host social events

Hosting social events helps you and your team get to know one another as people.  This will aid team morale, develop understanding and create bonds amongst the group.

  • Check in on your employees

This one is very simple. Check in on your employees. If someone seems down, talk to them and make sure they are okay. Being there for your team and showing a holistic care for them, will help strengthen your relationships.