3 reasons why you should have an employee handbook.
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3 reasons why you should have an employee handbook.

3 Important Reasons to Have an Employee Handbook


The thought of creating an employee handbook may seem overwhelming, however the value of crafting and maintaining a handbook is vital for protecting your company and your policies. 


An employee handbook is a compilation of policies, expectations, values and guidelines to follow. It is an incredible tool which can help you retain the right team members and follow procedures when conflict arises. It also reminds your team of your expectations whilst working for your company. They will be able to reference their employee benefits and employee procedures.


Here are 3 of our top reasons to write and maintain an employee handbook in 2023.

  • Successfully communicate your mission, values & vision


One of the most important aspects of running a successful business is to ensure that your whole team is on the same page. This includes fully understanding the mission, values & vision of the company as a whole. It’s important that your employees values align with your values so you can be certain that they will be maintaining the same standards that you have initially established. 


Your company’s culture will flow through your employees. This means that they need to have a strong understanding of your company and what you stand for as their employer. When these things do not align, this is where problems and conflict can arise. 


Another essential aspect of your culture is the mission & vision that you set in place. Do your team know where the business aims to be in 5 years and the part that they play in that? Do they understand what the future holds for your company? 


Having these three aspects aligned will ensure you have hired and retained the right people who will follow your lead and create a company culture that thrives. 

  • Protect yourself when conflict arises 


One of the most important reasons to have an employee handbook is to avoid conflict. Or to protect yourself when conflict arises. The handbook will set out all key expectations of the team and it will act as a ‘go to’ guide for how to navigate people processes meaning no one can say they weren’t aware of what’s required of them. These procedures should include; sick pay, holiday, time-keeping, health and safety and much more. It will also outline what can be expected if an employee chooses to ignore these policies in the workplace. 


This way, it doesn’t come as a surprise to an employee of disciplinary action is taken if they ignore the required standards. In the worst case scenario, an ex employee may attempt to file legal action against the company. Having a handbook in place and accessible to your team protects you as you will have signed evidence to the employee being aware of these policies and procedures. 

  • Manage expectations from all perspectives 


When an employee first reads the employee handbook, it will give them the perfect opportunity to voice any concerns regarding their employment expectations. It will open a conversation to ensure that each party comes to an agreement on requirements from either side. For example, the employee will understand what to do if they need to call in sick or need emergency leave.  They’ll also know you expect them to live the company values at all times when working on behalf of your business. Handbooks are an efficient way to communicate your standards as your business grows.


When was the last time you updated your company handbook? Do you have a company handbook in place? To find out more or to get more help, get in touch with us today.